Understanding the ConfigMgr Application Model


Application features

  • Supersedance

  • dependencies

  • global conditions

  • detection

    • scripts - what to return

  • Differences between Packages and Applications

    • Applications added in 2012

    • Main Differences Between Packages and Applications

      • Detection (is this app installed?)

      • Package

        • Content

        • (optional) Program(s) to run on that content

      • Apps always run from DP content (content is always downloaded from the dp)

    • Apps have requirements(via global conditions), supersedance and multiple dependencies

    • Applications have revisions

    • icons, customizations in SW center



  1. Notable high-level differences for Packages versus Applications

    1. [Package only] Copy the content to a package share on the DP

    2. [Package only] Can install software with the content directly from the DP without downloading

    3. [Application only] Detection

    4. [Application only] Custom requirements (global conditions)

    5. [Application only] Revisions

    6. User experience in Software Center

    7. Any one else on the call think of any that are high-level worth mentioning?

  2. Convert Packages to Applications

    1. Convert 7-Zip and C++

    2. Walk-through key Application functionality / features:

      1. Software Center customisation

      2. Dedicated install, uninstall and repair functions

      3. Detection

        1. Scripts and parentheses of operational precedence

      4. Dependencies

        1. In Packages too

      5. Requirements and global conditions

        1. Basic requirements in Packages too

      6. Return codes

      7. Supersedence

      8. Revisions

      9. Application Groups (pre-release)

        1. Can't use in a task sequence!

  3. Policy & Logs

    1. <Deploy application to collection>

    2. Look at a client evaluating policy life using Support Center

    3. Look at where the client stores applications in WMI

    4. Logs

      1. AppIntentEval, AppDiscovery and AppEnforce

    5. Look at where the server stores applications in WMI

  4. Final protips or gotcha's

    1. Update Content

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