Understanding the Software Update Chain

Understanding the software update process from clients to servers.

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Scenario 1: Configuring Software Update Policy

When you first start off with configuration manager and software updates there are always a lot of questions, what options should l use, how do they work and more.

Software Update Scan Schedule

When does this REALLY Happen

Schedule Deployment Re-evaluation

  • This does NOT contact WSUS

  • Uses the existing locally stored policies in WMI

WMI Explorer is a fantastic tool to review the classes that are involved in all of this

What is It

WMI Path

Software Update Objects


Update Manager


Update CI Assignment


Maintenance Windows


Cient Policy


Enable Third Party Updates

When you set this option to Yes, it sets the policy for Allow signed updates for an intranet Microsoft update service location and installs the signing certificate to the Trusted Publisher store on the client.

Delta Updates

Explanation from microsoft.com

Set this option to Yes to allow clients to use delta content files. This setting allows the Windows Update Agent on the device to determine what content is needed and selectively download it.

  • Before enabling this client setting, ensure Delivery Optimization is configured appropriately for your environment. For more information, see Windows Delivery Optimization and the Delivery Optimization client setting.

  • This client setting replaces Enable installation of Express installation files on clients. Set this option to Yes to allow clients to use express installation files. For more information, see Manage Express installation files for Windows 10 updates.

  • When this option is set, delta download is used for all Windows update installation files, not just express installation files.

    When using a CMG for content storage, the content for third-party updates won't download to clients if the Download delta content when available client setting is enabled.

Deltaldownload.log - is the log file that tracks this behavior

Maintenance Windows

The feature, that used to be a bug - ish.

When you set this option to Yes, and the client has at least one "Software Update" maintenance window defined, software updates will install during an "All deployments" maintenance window.

By default, this setting is set to No. This value uses the same behavior as before: if both types exist, it ignores the window.

Scenario 2: Maintenance Windows

Types of Windows




All Deployment Service Window


Program Service Window


Reboot Required Service Window


Software Update Service Window


Task Sequences Service Window


Corresponds to non-working hours

How To Schedule a Maintenance Window

Finding Maintenance Windows in ConfigMgr

SELECT  sw.Name AS [MW Name],
    sw.Duration AS 'Duration Minutes',
    sw.IsEnabled AS 'MW Enabled', 
    sys.Name0 AS ServerName,
    sys.Operating_System_Name_and0 AS OperatingSystem
FROM  dbo.v_ServiceWindow AS sw INNER JOIN 
      dbo.v_FullCollectionMembership AS fcm ON sw.CollectionID = fcm.CollectionID 
INNER JOIN  dbo.v_R_System sys ON fcm.ResourceID = sys.ResourceID 
WHERE  (sys.Name0 = 'DEMO6') 
ORDER BY [MW Name], sys.Name0

The not really maintenance window

Business hours, and clients.

Log File on the Client

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